<aside> 📮 Hi there 👋🏼 This is a private & confidential sneak peek we wanted to share with our early supporters For any questions, please feel free call us or email at firstname (a) vuvei.ventures.


🎯 Punchline

Tocco is building the next gen all-in-one sustainable sourcing & supplier management platform for the millions of SMEs in Europe and beyond.

Through our cutting-edge data-driven approach and extensive network across Asia, Africa and Europe, we empower businesses and their leadership to meaningfully reduce sourcing cost, radically increase supplier transparency as well as kickstarting their decarbonization effort.

🔭 Context

Everything started with the following fundamental observations.

Digitization of our world’s traditional businesses is just getting started. We fundamentally believe in the softwarization across the different functions within the companies of our generation, and that sourcing and international trades will not be an exception.

We believe that it’s time to sweep into dust the age where companies have no choice but bet entire sourcing on a limited number of procurement managers with limited bandwidth (and their ‘smartness’ to remain up-to-date of what’s happening in the market), and therefore capped capacity to be more competitive and do less harm to our planet ‘simply’ because of language and culture barriers.

🧭 Enter Tocco.