📍 Location: Paris, France (+ remote)

⏲ Job Type: Internship (FTE possibility)

⏳ Commitment: ≥ 60% or ≥3 days/week

🔖 Keywords: #startup #climate #keyrole

🦄 Founders: veterans seasoned w. unicorns

⏳ Stage: seed; be part of making it happen

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What is Tocco?

Tocco is building the next-generation B2B sourcing platform for the millions of small & medium businesses (SMEs) in Europe and beyond, with the mission of accelerating decarbonization.

Through our cutting-edge data-driven approach and extensive network across Asia, Africa, and Europe, we empower businesses and their leadership to meaningfully reduce sourcing costs, radically increase supplier transparency as well as kickstart their decarbonization effort.

You can read more about us on our ever-evolving website.


What is the job about?

We are a freshly minted startup with two experienced and ambitious founders. That is why, in just a matter of months, a lot has already been achieved. We’ve managed to close our first customers with no-code products, and enticed investment interest from some of the most sought-after investors.

Now, it’s time for us to speed things up.

For this, we are seeking a rock-star intern to work alongside the founders on a wide-ranging of strategic topics.

This internship - commonly referred to as a CEO right-hand internship - is not only an opportunity to get hands-on, contribute to the very early stage of startup building, have a bird’s-eye view of how a building startup actually works, but more importantly expedite your learning through a unique first-row seat inside the founders’ mind.

This internship is also built to help you understand where to go next. By working on a multitude of aspects in the startup operations (strategy, fundraising, product, marketing, sales, operations, finance, HR, legal etc.), we think it’s a fantastic opportunity to quickly gain a panoramic view of how a company’s various aspects function, and help you refine your career objectives. If this is your end-of-studies internship, we would be open to considering full-time conversion in the end.

What’s in it for you?

📆 Dates: starting ASAP