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What are we working on?

Our current venture focus is tocco.earth - cooking up sth for the planet.

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Why Vuvei?

Wuwei 無為 is a Taoist concept, literally meaning "inexertion", "inaction", or "effortless action". Wuwei emerged in the Spring and Autumn period, and from Confucianism, to become an important concept in Chinese statecraft and Taoism, and was most commonly used to refer to an ideal form of governance or personal behaviors.

Describing a state of unconflicting personal harmony, free-flowing spontaneity and savoir-faire, it generally also more properly denotes a state of spirit or mind, and in Confucianism accords with conventional morality. Sinologist Jean François Billeter describes it as a "state of perfect knowledge of the reality of the situation, perfect efficaciousness and the realization of a perfect economy of energy".

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